Active Directory Solutions

Enterprises are typically missing 80% of basic Active Directory (AD) information needed to leverage the full capabilities of these collaborative tools. If your corporate AD is missing Information or is poorly maintained, you are not alone! Utilising automated AI bot technology, you can get your AD updated and maximise the productivity benefits from your O365, delve, Teams or SharePoint investments.

The problem is that Active Directory Data is typically a “set and forget” IT administration task. New user profiles are filled with the minimum amount of information to enable them to undertake their job, IT doesn’t maintain information updates, and users don’t know how to change their own data. This leads to the wave of collaborative tools (O365, Delve, Teams, sway and SharePoint) not delivering the true productivity they were designed for.


When it comes to Migrations (Global transformations or divisional / departmental projects) enterprises don’t trust their own AD as a useable, up to date, data source. This in turn leads to point solutions such as project specific spreadsheets or other manually updated data sources, requiring manpower and cost to update, which then become outdated at the end of the specific project. Small scale projects or large scale migrations repeatedly go through the same data refresh tasks, with the expensive to gather data becoming obsolete far too quickly.

Cost Effective

We have a cost effective and easy to implement and operate Solution, Hyperfish. Using an AI chat bot, either by email or Skype, we automatically launch conversations to request or confirm information with your users, in as formal or informal a way to suit your enterprise. Once missing data has been gathered we then move into intelligently maintaining that data, by looking at data age, and other sources such as User email footers or LinkedIn to spot any changes in role, locations, contact details etc.


You can even add non typical data gathering to the system, looking outside of the typical AD information to cover future data joins or useful business information such as Payroll number or even Clothing sizes for promotional materials. All data submitted can be subject to validation templates, and you can decide what needs authorisation, and by who, before it is added to AD.

Improved Active Directory

The result is your Active Directory becomes a useable, trusted and maintained source of user information, enabling your business to make authoritative decisions from accurate data. Your users gain the full productivity advantages from your investment in O365 and other collaborative tools, and all without an administrative overhead. At the highest level, and for a low cost per user per month you can:

  • Improve the speed and quality of communications across your organization
  • Reduce IT Support costs in maintaining directories
  • Ensure quality and consistent directory information
  • Enable and accelerate key IT projects including Approval Workflows, Personalized Portal, Cloud Migration, Corporate Directory, Mobile Intranet and Organizational Chart
  • Unlock the value in Microsoft Office 365 including Delve, Skype for Business, and SharePoint

Free Directory Analyser

Understand the completeness of your existing AD information.


You can use the Solution to gain a high level overview of the completeness of your Existing AD, simply follow the link to our free analyser. The Directory Analyser only calculates statistics about your AD and does not store personal information.


Free Directory Analyser


Using only a standard O365 account you can see the high level of what’s missing from your AD user data within minutes, and you will be given a pdf report to discuss with your organisation offline.


To discuss Hyperfish and how it could help your organisation please reach out to us on our contacts page, or jump on the conversation popup on our website.


Click here to see an example Hyperfish Directory Analysis

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