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Corporate Cyber Security

Do you want a platform that can detect in real-time both signature and non-signature-based attacks and accelerates incident investigation and response? With APPtechnology and Cybereason you can enable real-time detection of cyber-attacks, leverage enhanced investigation capabilities and continuous endpoint visibility.

Addressing the Cyber Security Gap

Addressing Cyber Security

With Cybereason’s Endpoint Detection and Response platform signature and non-signature-based attacks are detected in real-time, accelerating incident investigation and response.


Connecting together individual pieces of evidence to form a complete picture of a malicious operation:

  1. Real Time Detection of Cyber-Attacks
  2. Enhanced Investigation
  3. Continuous Endpoint Visibility


Even though most organisations deploy an array of security solutions, cyber-attacks still remain undetected for months, increasing the financial impact of a breach.


In addition, these systems often produce an excessive amount of alerts, requiring security analysts spend hours on manual validation to eliminate false positives.


With many detection systems failing to yield contextual data, your cyber security teams will look for the following: the root cause, the timeline of events, who are the affected users, which endpoints are compromised and what is the malicious activity that was performed. This manual investigation process time consuming, but is necessary in order to decide on an accurate containment and remediation response.


With Cybereason you can address all of these issues.

No Isolated alerts

Reveal the Complete Attack Story, enabling faster investigation and a more effective response

Unknown Threats are Detected

Detect both Known and Unknown Attacks in your estate

Don’t miss not Non-Malware Attacks

Detect Malware and Non-Malware Based Attacks

Stop Spending Time on Manual Investigation

Automatically receive context about an incident

Stop Chasing the False Positives

Accurate detection with automated validation

Don’t Ignore your Endpoints

Gain continuous endpoint visibility

Don’t compromise on intrusive kernel level endpoint solution

Leverage easy to deploy user-space endpoint data collection

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