Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

We work with Enterprises to bring dependable quality to every application deployed across their business. We have solutions from initial request, through discovery, packaging and testing before final deployment into live.

Application Management

In any enterprise there are two phases to application management lifecycle: the migration race and the ROI race. In the race to get to the next Windows version there is the usual panic of not knowing what's out there, whether people need it and whether it works on the new platform.


Applications are missed, no-one knows where the media licences are and, worse still, who they are licenced for. APPtechnology's packaging services give you an application estate that is truly enterprise class with lower licence costs, lower upgrade costs and continued maintenance, making for simple future migrations.

Application Discovery

We audit your estate to not only tell you what's out there but who's using it and more importantly how. We normalise this information and give your teams a single version of the truth so they can make informed decisions. Find out more

Application Packaging

Our teams bring together all your information into meaningful knowledge for rationalisation and packaging. We are UK-based and offer a fixed price, no commitment, 98% first time right service - all backed by a 6 month warranty. Find out more

Application Testing

Our highly-skilled team's rigorous testing solutions ensure that every application in your business meets strict quality compliance and functionality control before it's released to your end users. Find out more