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APPtechnology - appointed as G-Cloud (G7) supplier for 4 key services

APPtechnology is proud to be appointed as a G-Cloud approved supplier for four of our core services: legacy app remediation, cyber security, migration readiness and application packaging services.

The G-Cloud catalogue is a purchasing framework that allows UK public sector organisations to choose and purchase Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and specialist Cloud services from approved suppliers.

APPtechnology has a proven track record of supplying such services to government and blue chip organisations, enabling our customers to reduce spend, overcome compatibility issues, gain full mobility across any OS platform and delivering real time Cyber Security detection platforms.

The four core services APPtechnology are supplying to G-Cloud are:

Moving Legacy XP and SVR2003 applications to the cloud

Enterprises still rely on key legacy 16 and 32 bit applications to run their business but keeping these applications live opens up security threats and dependence on ageing hardware. This service moves enterprise legacy XP and server 2003 applications into the cloud quickly for secure access from any device.

Cyber security – real time detection of cyber attacks

Client and hosted analysis, actively hunting for malicious operations in your network, 24/7, in real-time. Identify malicious activity root cause, timeline, activity, communication and affected machines, eliminating manual investigation and reducing response time. Machine learning behavioural models search for anomalies, unknown signature based attacks, known signature events and malware.

Windows migration readiness and application tracking

Our hosted solution enables you to instantly identify which applications to package first to give the fastest user migration schedule. This proven, collaborative system pulls together your existing data sources to prioritise workflows between application discovery, packaging, testing and deployment teams and migrate you faster.

Application packaging for cloud hosting

APPtechnology’s application migration service provides MSI packages and AppV sequenced applications for distribution on any Windows based platform. Pricing is fixed regardless of application complexity and every application is backed by a 6 month warranty. We offer UK off-site facilities combined with on-site expertise.

For information on any of the above services available to Government bodies please use our contact page.

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