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Are conferences becoming boring?

I’ve attended many conferences and events during my time in the tech world, one thing I have heard from colleagues prior to the event is the fear of a boring mundane day in a quiet environment. Often guest speakers replay messages and advice to an audience that sit quietly with no interaction, taking notes that they feel relevant to what they need to know.

“Quite!” I hear you say, however I also feel that there are some very knowledgeable attendees there that already know what they are being told and, given the platform, could add some very good knowledge or a different way of thinking but rarely get the chance.

Through experience I know if you put people together at a table away from a conference with lunch and drink they will talk and discuss more valid points during the time spent there than having someone stand on a platform telling their story that may not be relevant to what that person actually needs or wants to know. It’s a singular view whereas discussion often produces powerful collaboration of views.

I saw a post the other day on LinkedIn that raised the question “has anyone thought that we may know more than them?” A great point and often I feel that it can be the case. Maybe it’s time to turn the tables and offer a new way of learning knowledge sharing and interaction?

What is it that makes conferences and events sometimes follow this repetitive stream and thus have people sometimes leave frustrated or no better off in their knowledge? Is it that Tech events have to follow a pattern? Maybe the majority of attendees prefer the same format over and over and I amongst a few others are the minority? It’s something I’d like to challenge and find out more about.

I know it’s terribly difficult to make sure that as an event organiser you can tick every box and have each attendee leave with the feeling of contentment. However, with a little thought I’m sure there are better ways of converging people and have them relay their points and experiences to each other in a fun interactive environment.

We will be running a Windows 10 and Legacy Application event soon, watch this space as it’s going to be exciting, different, rewarding and most of all fun!

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