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Hyperfishing for accurate data in Government Organisations

Government bodies and private enterprises all struggle with accurate and current user data. Does your Active Directory really contain usable organisation details such as line manager, department, location, contact details… all of the things that you need to accurately plan IT and organisational transformations, and to fully leverage the collaboration possibilities of O365, SharePoint, Delve, teams…

If you are responsible for Active Directory management then why not stand out from the crowd? When asked to supply accurate and current data on users how good would it be to say “Yes”, not “Yes, but…”. You can enable projects to complete their business cases using a known source of quality information, rather than each project having to spin up their own data sources and analysis.

We help you reach this nirvana using an innovative approach, simply and intelligently using AI bot technology via email and Skype to ask your users for bite size pieces of information. Out of date information is verified, missing data is collected, and future changes are analysed by monitoring things like email signatures and LinkedIn, basically the areas where people make changes first.

Hyperfishing for Accurate Data

Results of implementing this cost-effective solution are fast, your AD data quickly becomes the single point of truth for user data, and it is maintained so that you do not have the typical costs and cycles of project based “re-discovery” of user information.

If you think your Active Directory information is up to date and useable we challenge you to run our analyser. It’s free, does not collect any user information (it only collates the data to create percentages complete), and will give you a view of the usability of your directory data in minutes. All you need to run the analyser is a standard email user account, no administrator privileges are required, and you will gain an immediate view of the completeness of your data.

Full information on our Active Directory Information Improvement Service is available on the digital marketplace here

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