Browser Migrations

Do you want a solution that enables your web applications to be ready for Windows 10, Microsoft Spartan and the future release of IE that Microsoft plans? We have delivered every possible solution, from legacy app remediation through countless virtualisation solutions and on to browser management software.

Optimise your internet browser

APPtechnology's services and software for Browser Migrations support your current departmental workarounds, improve security, allow development budgets to be used to chase feature enhancements and help avoid the cost of development, testing and validation cycles required for browser and java compatibility.


We manage Java Versioning and Security, registry and feature control settings on a per-app or per-webpage basis, allowing you to migrate to the latest supported and secure browser while still delivering your legacy web apps in a managed and repeatable manner. Tell us your requirements - we will help you get there.

Java Management

Managing your browser-based Java versions to control which versions of Java are loaded in the browser and when, and how to allow multiple versions to run side-by-side on a single system for improved compatibility and security. Find out more

Application Validation

We can validate one browser management system, removing the need for systems re-validation every time you need to upgrade Java or Internet Explorer versions. Validate once and it's fixed until you decide you need to change. Find out more

Accelerate Internet Explorer Migrations

Do you want to migrate to IE11 today without breaking any of your web applications? Speak to APPtechnology to see how you can simplify browser migrations, maintain control over browser compatibility and security. Find out more