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Browser Migrations

Do you want a solution that enables your web applications to be ready for Windows 10, Microsoft Spartan and the future release of IE that Microsoft plans? We have delivered every possible solution, from legacy app remediation through countless virtualisation solutions and on to browser management software.

Accelerate Internet Explorer Migrations

Browser Management Software enables legacy IE-dependent line-of-business web applications to run in modern browsers with no server-side code changes. These web application remediation tools also allow you to manage and secure Java. BMS is simply a granular management tool for Internet Explorer that provides the control to enable legacy applications to run properly in a modern browser, without security or compatibility tradeoffs.


When IT administrators deploy BMS to all PCs in need of legacy application compatibility, end users have no knowledge of, or control over, the configuration. They simply access Internet and intranet sites as they normally would (links, favourites, searches, typed addresses) and your Browser Management Software ensures the pages load with the appropriate mode and settings to ensure the applications function properly.

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