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Browser Migrations

Do you want a solution that enables your web applications to be ready for Windows 10, Microsoft Spartan and the future release of IE that Microsoft plans? We have delivered every possible solution, from legacy app remediation through countless virtualisation solutions and on to browser management software.

Java Management

The pressure to keep Java secure and up to date, at the prodigious rate of update releases, and without breaking business critical web applications with Java version restrictions is a challenge for Enterprises today.


From 2010 there have been 376 reported security vulnerabilities in the various revisions of Java 7 and 8. In 2014 alone there were 133 reported vulnerabilities, resulting in circa 25 updates each for Java 7 and Java 8. Most of those updates were bundled into quarterly update packages, but several critical vulnerabilities did require updating every few weeks to remain fully secure. With enterprises typically taking over 21 days to complete all change management processes for the release of a new version the rate of change is challenging.


The latest change to unique installation paths for the latest Java versions, and the ever increasing Java warnings that end users face causes, has also meant higher support costs and added complexity.


APPtechnology service and software assists Enterprises to manage and distribute the latest Java security releases and upgrades while seamlessly managing specific Java provisioning for business critical applications in a secure environment with no need for user input.


Web Applications with specific Java version requirements are supplied with the correct version on demand, securely ring fenced and isolated, and without any user interaction. Other concurrent web sessions are unaffected, they continue to utilise the most up to date, default Java version distributed in your environment for all other traffic.


Enterprises save on Web Application redevelopment costs, and can target their investment in this area at feature upgrades and future proofing later versions, without having to invest in code changes to meet browser and Java compatibility on legacy applications.


Contact APPtechnology for an informal call to discuss how our Services and Software can secure and simplify Java management in your environment.

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