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Lloyd's Register

Application Discovery and Profiling Project

Windows 7 Case Study

About Lloyd's Register

Founded in 1760 Lloyd's Register of Shipping provides independent assurance to companies operating high-risk, capital-intensive assets in the energy and transportation sectors, to enhance the safety of life, property and the environment.


With over 7,000 employees spanning the Globe, The Lloyd's Register Group is one of the world leaders in assessing business processes and products to internationally recognised standards.

The Project

As Windows XP nears end of life the pressure to move support and the environment to Windows 7 was growing. 'Project Evolution' was formed to move all employees to Windows 7 and new hardware.


Over 700 applications were identified to be migrated in 6 months.


Legacy applications many of which were written in house years ago needed to be migrated to Windows 7. These applications provide crucial information and data to Lloyd's Specialists.


A simple audit of the estate returned over 20,000 .exe entries which had to be rationalised. To compound the issue application owners had little time to help or indeed had moved away from the business leaving no application support.


The 20,000 .exe entries had to be rationalised into applications and tested for Windows 7 compatibility.


No processes and procedures had been implemented for this workload and much of the original media and licences were missing or out of date.


Perhaps the biggest challenge was the Evolution Project had to initially be delivered with 'Zero Touch' to the business and its employees.

Immovable Hurdles

Zero Touch to the business and its employees.


  • A minimum of 20 applications per week had to be discovered
  • 20,000 .exe's had to be rationalised on the fly into applications, matched against usage data and profiles

The Solution - Mobilisation

APPtechnology undertook a 10 day mobilisation clinic to get discovery underway. Key milestones delivered included:


  • A review of existing processes and procedures
  • Implementation of new processes and procedures, tailored for Lloyd's
  • Design and Implement workflow tracking system
  • Build discovery environment for team
  • Stress Test new processes with live applications
  • Present Lloyd's realistic throughput estimates to feed into the project plan

The Solution - Delivery

APPtechnology took ownership of the entire discovery and rationalisation piece committing to a minimum throughput. This offered Lloyd's the assurance of being able to budget for discovery and plan associated workloads accordingly.


We structured a team of 3 Discovery Consultants and a Service Delivery Manager accountable to Lloyd's as a single point of contact.


For every application the Consultants had to check usage information, locate/download the original media and licence, check compatibility for Windows 7, provide installation and packaging instructions including full screenshots of each stage, 'wrap' all information and media ready for upload to off-shore facilities.


Weekly reporting and accountability was supplied to Lloyd's programme management to ensure SLAs were adhered to.

Project Legacy

We took Lloyd's from application 'chaos' to an enviable software library in 18 weeks.


Each and every application now has a definitive guide including;


  • Application owner/Sponsor
  • Licensing details
  • Technical workarounds and history
  • Screenshots and step by step installation instructions
  • All information of .exe matching captured for future reference


We built a new Definitive Software Library (DSL) based on ITIL standards and wisdom gained from previous projects.


The overall legacy of this project will be the reduction in on-going application packaging effort and support costs. The business was not interrupted with Sponsor interviews allowing key personnel to continue their valuable and billable work.