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Legacy by APPtechnology

Introducing Legacy by APPtechnology - our solution enables you to extend the life of business critical legacy applications in the enterprise. Enabling you to run any application on a modern operating system securely and efficiently. Whether it is running a 16 bit application on 64 bit Windows, or an unsupported application on Windows 10. If you have a legacy application that is still critical to your business, we can solve that problem for you.

Addressing Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2000 Applications

Legacy by APPtechnology can remove your exposure from unsupported server platforms that are running your older applications. Enterprises tend to carry a number of in-house applications of database platforms that were designed for specific business requirements, but have never been upgraded or re-developed for modern platforms. Out of support Databases, hosted on Server 2003 and tied into older versions of Office Macro’s are typical examples of Enterprise challenges.


Whether your application is a remotely accessed executable or a Legacy Platform Database with concurrent user access, the APPtechnology Legacy service can provide a supported, secure and dependable solution, and protect you from the impact of future device or platform upgrades, while retaining the full functionality of your business critical applications.


In addition to removing your out of support Server exposure, you also gain the ability to provision any Server based application to any future device, while potentially increasing the user functionality when using the APPtechnology Legacy solution alongside current platform applications.


To discover how APPtechnology Legacy can help you control costs, reduce security exposure and gain functionality for your Legacy applications then please get in touch or request demo.

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