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Legacy by APPtechnology

Introducing Legacy by APPtechnology - our solution enables you to extend the life of business critical legacy applications in the enterprise. Enabling you to run any application on a modern operating system securely and efficiently. Whether it is running a 16 bit application on 64 bit Windows, or an unsupported application on Windows 10. If you have a legacy application that is still critical to your business, we can solve that problem for you.

How it Works

Using containerisation technology to decouple the application from the underlying operating system. We can virtualise 16, 32, and 64-bit Microsoft Windows applications and deliver them with native functionality to most end user devices: Chromebooks, Windows 10 clients, iPads, thin clients, tablets, etc.


We use a container-based approach to application virtualisation deployed on servers, coupled with a remote presentation capability, to seamlessly deliver applications to end user computing devices. Unlike hypervisor-based approaches, the application’s host OS is never installed on the appliance (server). Instead, we provide only the necessary elements of the operating system your application needs to run. Organisations with older applications can now continue to run them on robust and current hardware platforms free from fears of end of life support and security vulnerabilities.


APPtechnology Legacy can be implemented to suit your needs. Our standard package offers a true outsourced model with no technical resources required from yourselves. All hardware, licencing and bandwidth is handled on our own secured premises. You simply decide which application/s you want hosted and how many users will use it.


If you prefer an in-house solution our team will set up, provision and provide a KPI based service.

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