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Legacy application services

Introducing Legacy by APPtechnology - our solution enables you to extend the life of business critical legacy applications in the enterprise. Enabling you to run any application on a modern operating system securely and efficiently. Whether it is running a 16 bit application on 64 bit Windows, or an unsupported application on Windows 10. If you have a legacy application that is still critical to your business, we can solve that problem for you.

Legacy application services

With enterprises migrating to Windows 10, managing the end of life for business critical legacy enterprise applications is a challenge. Enterprises can face both desktop and client/server application migration issue. Typically, being faced with costly re-development for bespoke applications or expensive upgrades with little or no feature gains for 3rd party software. In many cases there may be no upgrade or redevelopment path possible where applications that are tied to specific hardware, for example manufacturing/diagnostics software.


In summary these are the most common scenarios enterprises will face when working with legacy applications:

  • No upgrade path exists for the application
  • Redevelopment costs are prohibitive
  • Application is due to be decommissioned


It is common for enterprises to end up using of ring-fenced unsupported OS systems to retain access to data or functionality. Even with only a small percentage of machines left running an end of life OS in the estates both security risks and a support overhead.


APPtechnology Legacy provides cost efficient platform enabling a consistent and secure location for end-of-life applications (Red Apps) allowing a 100% rollout of you target OS. Capable of supporting 16-bit and 32-bit applications, out of date application suites and plugins as well as client / server datacentre applications.


APPtechnology Legacy can be hosted and provided as a service on premise, off-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. With the ability to deliver your applications to any Windows, Android or iOS or HTML5 browser you can both address application obsolescence as well as providing BYOD options to your mobile workforce.


APPtechnology Legacy can provide the following functionality to your enterprise:

  • Provision of 16 bit and 32 bit applications to Windows 10 from a secure in support server.
  • Capability to deliver on applications on all Windows, Android or iOS devices, or to an HTML5 enabled device of choice.
  • Applications operate in exactly the same way as they are used to, no multiple logins, no RDP sessions or complex access steps are required.
  • Migration proof for the future. If the user changes device, say from Windows 7 to Windows 10 the application continues to operate with no need for redevelopment or re-testing.
  • Application end of life can extend, across multiple Device types and future OS releases, without the need for redevelopment.


To discuss how APPtechnology Legacy can deliver you enterprise legacy applications for as little as £1599 per month please get in contact. We have a wealth of legacy Enterprise application remediation experience, and if you request a demo and we can demonstrate your application working on Windows 10 today!

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