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Corporate Cyber Security

Do you want a platform that can detect in real-time both signature and non-signature-based attacks and accelerates incident investigation and response? With APPtechnology and Cybereason you can enable real-time detection of cyber-attacks, leverage enhanced investigation capabilities and continuous endpoint visibility.

Malicious Operations

Many security solutions focus on identification of malware: a malicious software used by the attackers to perform a certain action. Identification of malware is important, but it is not enough for several reasons:

  1. The malware may actually be a decoy activity to distract from the “real” malicious operation.
  2. Removal of malware does not equal for full containment of an attack, as the attack may have other unrevealed elements.
  3. Attackers may not use malware to evade detection.


Instead of focusing on the malware, security should look to reveal the whole malicious operation, also known as a Malop. The Malop is a complete story of a cyber-attack, providing the additional context security lack when identifying a malware or malicious activity in their organization.


A Malop is the attack’s story, answering questions like:


“when did it start?”
“where did it spread?”
“who is affected?”
“what did it do?”
“what is the timeline of events?”


These are all the critical information needed for effective containment and remediation. With Cybereason security will have the ability to see all key components of an attack: timeline of events, the attack’s root cause, adversarial activity (e.g. the malware used, techniques for C&C and recon, data exfiltration, etc), malicious communication and the affected endpoints and users.

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