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Corporate Cyber Security

Do you want a platform that can detect in real-time both signature and non-signature-based attacks and accelerates incident investigation and response? With APPtechnology and Cybereason you can enable real-time detection of cyber-attacks, leverage enhanced investigation capabilities and continuous endpoint visibility.

The Technology

Data Collection


Data quality is essential for detecting complex cyber-attacks, with endpoints carrying the most accurate, first-hand information about cyber attacks. Cybereason collects information from your endpoints, including: process actions, file access information, network events and configuration changes on the endpoints. In addition, Cybereason can also source Syslogs from other security systems


Other endpoint security solutions base their data collection on kernel-level integration, which is notorious for causing blue screens, slowing down the machine and being hard to maintain. Cybereason’s Endpoint Silent Sensor is based in user-space and designed to be easy to deploy, easy to maintain and cause no interference with user experience. Our sensor leverages proprietary mechanisms in user-space to gain kernel-level data quality without using a kernel-level component.

Data Analytics


The information collected from your endpoints is compared with third party threat feeds, Cybereason’s security labs and community knowledge. This process helps profile known malicious activities, such as signature-based attacks, known malware and known malicious IPs.


The Cybereason Malop Hunting Engine is a big data analytics platform designed to reveal malicious operations, also known as Malops. All received data is signed and stored for research. The data then flows through the in-memory graph where machine learning behavioural models search for anomalies and other risks, enabling it to reveal unknown non-signature based attacks.


Other solutions detect isolated incidents such as malware, Cybereason hunts for full malicious operations (Malops).


Malops are revealed through behavioural as well as community-sourced indications of compromise. Cybereason actively and continuously seeks for all threat indicators in your environment. Once a threat indicator is found, the Malop Hunting Engine binds together all the required information to completely unravel the entire malicious operation

Storyboarding the Attack


Malops are visually presented in the Incident Response Console. This console was specifically designed to enable fast and accurate decision making, so your security teams can effectively contain and remediate cyber attacks.


The console reveals the five TRACE elements of every attack: Timeline, Root Cause, Adversarial Activity, Communication and affected Endpoints and users.


The Incident Response Console can easily provide context to alerts received from other security solutions. The user friendly search engine will instantly verify suspicious activity. Streamlining reporting and enabling better communication throughout the organization. Empowering decision making and accelerated response times.

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