SCCM Implementations

Small to Medium Enterprises moving to full software distribution systems typically struggle with the following areas, when implementing Configuration Management toolsets for the first time:

  • Configuration management processes
  • Application packaging and virtualisation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Network issues
  • Bandwidth management
  • Administration training
  • User expectations
  • Release Management

 The result is that the move to enterprise software management can be seen as restrictive to the business, while the benefits of reliability, OSD, user down time, administration and help desk call reductions can be ignored.

 APPtechnology ease your move up to enterprise software management by bringing all of the tools, experience, processes and training to your organisation that you need, and at a fixed price with guaranteed deliverables.

Deliverables are guaranteed, with a pre-sales workshop ensuring that your stakeholders are aware of the feature benefits available, and any requirements on your business are detailed. Your SCCM implementation plan is agreed, covering any POC activity, physical and virtual requirements. Application discovery and packaging is undertaken using a combination of on and offsite services, along with the creation of your OSD build if required.

Your infrastructure is implemented, tested, documented and transitioned to BAU, along with all process documentation and training. Your applications are published, tested and distributed, with our consultant mirroring your administration staff for the first releases.

To discuss the options available to you, and to generate a pricing estimate simply request a call back and a consultant will contact you directly.

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