SCCM Infrastructure Optimisation

If you have challenges supporting SCCM systems management traffic across your WAN because of unreliable and low bandwidth links. We can deliver alternate content provider (ACP) solutions that will ensure business traffic is never impacted, whilst optimising the delivery of SCCM content into those locations.

With the capability of removing upwards of 80% of your dedicated SCCM infrastructure, we can ensure that the cost and effort of running your SCCM estate is slashed.


  • Eliminate the need for 95%+ of the servers in your SCCM estate!
  • Reduce the cost of support for new offices/locations by eliminating the need for dedicated distribution points.
  • Allows SCCM to extend easily across locations, ensuring that your enterprise can react and respond to opportunity.
  • Content is only ever downloaded once to a site regardless of the number of PCs.


  • Intelligent bandwidth utilization makes it the most reliable and cost effective way of distributing software across WANs, even to poorly-connected and remote locations.
  • With a SCCM peer-to-peer model you can eliminate the risks associated with a distributed server model, creating a fail-safe IT environment for your enterprise.
  • Utilize all of your network's available capacity, whilst ensuring that business traffic is never compromised.
  • Enable bare metal build capability from peer systems allowing Operating System builds without needing servers, network configuration or administrative effort.
  • Provides automated, safe and reliable user-state migrations between peers during OS rebuilds and migrations, without requiring servers.
  • With pre-caching you can pre-load the cache of particular machines directly from the ConfigMgr console. Enabling administrators to easily distribute OSD content prior to a large scale deployment taking place.

If you want to reduce the cost of owning, maintaining and managing your SCCM Peer to Peer infrastructure we'd love to speak to you.

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