SCCM OSD Optimisation

If you have ever wanted to get OSD or USMT up and running without needing dedicated hardware across all your sites, or needing to configure DHCP and Network Infrastructure. We have software solutions that can deliver server-less OSD and USMT without any network configuration. Meaning you can get you windows migrations moving faster than ever before.


  • Reduce the cost and increase agility of providing support for new offices/locations by eliminating the need for dedicated distribution points.
  • Provide bare metal build capability from peer systems enables the installation of an Operating System without needing servers, network configuration or administrative effort.
  • Provides automated, safe and reliable user-state migrations between peers during OS rebuilds and migrations, without requiring servers.
  • With full WinPE support to ensure OS images and drivers can be sourced from local peers, protecting the network and ensuring rapid OS migration.

If you are looking to utilise OSD and USMT for your windows migrations then we'd love to speak to you.

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