SCCM Power Management

We can help deliver a smart power and asset management solution for your enterprise. With seamless integration into SCCM you can power up and down your offices globally around your core business hours.

With the capability to wake-up and deliver application updates, security updates or OS migrations you can massively reducing power consumption whilst actively improving PC health and security.


  • Wake up PCs when required to increase the efficiency of out of hours patching.
  • Automate reboots to enhance security and health of your estate.
  • Power polices can be implemented at a granular level, allowing tailoring for specific offices, countries and regulatory jurisdictions.


  • Straightforward power reports will enable your enterprise to identify and eliminate waste.
  • Accurate monitoring and reporting of power usage across your enterprise at a granular device level.
  • Ability to create automatic baseline cost saving projections.
  • Ability to report on the environmental impact of your enterprise to meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.


  • Reduced energy spend by an average of £16/PC per annum.
  • When implemented as part of your systems maintenance process the solution can extend the lifespan of you PC estate.

If you are looking to reduce your power bill and the carbon footprint for your enterprise we'd love to speak to you.

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