Microsoft SCCM is key to modern lifecycle management for enterprise devices. Windows 10 requires new ways to manage devices and new OS refresh cycles required to keep an Evergreen estate. Security is also key, with a stronger need for patching to be spot on and for deployment to support the latest OS security features. With years of experience of implementing and supporting SCCM we can ensure that you have a modern infrastructure that delivers what your business needs.

We don’t only help you build or migrate to SCCM, but once there we can augment and/or transition services and processes into you internal teams to ensure that you are keeping SCCM up to date and healthy.

Our SCCM engagements are fixed price delivering business outcomes.  Your implementation or upgrade requirements are workshopped to ensure that you can assess and decide on your latest feature requirements, and to identify any implications for integrated technologies.

We can also provide application packaging services to assist in the transition of your applications to the required technologies.

We can reduce your SCCM infrastructure by 95% reducing both hardware and support costs.


Upgrades & implementations of the latest System Center Configuration Manager...

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SCCM Implementations

For SME's looking to move to Enterprise Software Management...

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SCCM Migrations

For those wanting to move from other distribution systems to SCCM...

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SCCM Consumerisation

If you are looking for a corporate self-service "Amazon" shopping experience for your enterprise...

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SCCM Power Management

We can deliver a smart power management solution for your enterprise...

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SCCM Automated Software Reclaim

We can provide automated software optimisation capabilities for your enterprise...

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SCCM Infrastructure Optimisation

We can deliver solutions that ensure business traffic is not impacted whilst optimising the delivery of SCCM content...

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SCCM OSD Optimisation

We have software solutions that can deliver server-less OSD and USMT without any network configuration...

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“With excellent Pre-sales diligence, APPtechnology’s senior management have consistently ensured that their services are exactly matched to our requirements.
AA - Peter Eates, Programme Manager