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Windows Migration

Our Windows Migration services deliver results fast, migrate users sooner and satisfy your Project Board's need for early results. We deliver your OS, Windows 10 Branch jumps, SCCM and application migration services in full, or we assist your internal teams.

Software License Reclamation

Leveraging your default SCCM data, irrespective of your SCCM reporting, we can assess your overspend on licensing, and show you the true position attainable prior to any true up / true down negotiations with vendors such as Microsoft or Adobe. Producing an audit report covering used, rarely used and unused software we can automate the policies that you want to see, removing unused software in a user friendly way, or replacing rarely used licensed programs with free readers. We can bring the principle of the cost of software to your users, letting them understand the cost to the company of retaining unused or infrequently used applications.


APP Technology's Automated Software Rationalisation services bring real savings to enterprise by helping to streamline pre- migration software estates and enforcing software recovery policies based on application usage.


Analysis of 1.8 million desktops in 74 companies, across 13 industries, shows the extent of unused software issues in enterprise today. Over a quarter (28%) of all deployed software was unused (not used in 90 days), and 6% was rarely used (not used in 30 days).


Consider these statistics alongside the complexity involved in balancing legacy applications, the normalisation of components against product suites and department-specific requirements and the potential for costly inefficiency is clear to see.


APP Technology provides FREE assessment of your anonymised SCCM Data, giving a high- level view of the savings possible prior to you committing to our solution.


We also offer a rentable option, bringing software license and maintenance savings to you for a six-month period, without the full cost of purchasing an Automated Software Rationalisation product.


Based on three principles of "used, rarely used and unused" we can enforce software rationalisation to cover:


Find and Replace - we replace unused licensed applications with lower cost or free viewers
Optional Removal - we show users what they don't use and the associated, unnecessary costs to the business
Mandatory Removal - we enforce informed removal policies

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