Taking your data from ‘Blah to Ta-Dah!’

Taking your data from Blah to Ta Dah large

Data overflow problems creating blind spots?  When is too much data too much?

Continue reading if you manage users, applications and devices and you recognise any of the following!

  • Nagging feeling that project wise, where you think you are, isn’t tallying with the data
  • Data drifts from week to week and often needs re-aligning
  • Teams maintaining their own version of data
  • Your managers have to create reports from scratch for you when requested
  • Reports are data dumps presented in excel format
  • You have difficulty identifying trends and being able to react to them

Whilst in theory, individual spreadsheets and reports may be correct in the authors eyes, data is rarely shared in a pro-active way amongst other teams.  Data is critical to managing your sprawling application estate.  In the world of Evergreen, there’s absolute logic in an up to date, latest version and patched estate.  When was the last time your applications were updated pro-actively?  Is there a disconnect between your helpdesk reporting application failures or simply closing tickets?

By bringing together data, reports, processes and people we move everyone towards pro-active processes to remove clutter, have teams working together and free you from ‘Swivel Chair Management’ of problems.  Identify application ‘repeat offenders’ causing bad user experience and fix/remove/update pro-actively.  We can present data graphically so you can see trends, problem hot spots and make sure improvement projects are hitting targets.

We can help you with a 3-stage programme to get you from Blah to Ta-Dah!!


A fresh start! -  We’ll meet you where you are today, understand what data you have, what you’re missing, fix the broken links and start afresh with best practice repositories


A single version of the truth – data is pulled together into meaningful reports that we know help signpost immediate problems to bring teams together with instant reporting available to everyone at the touch of a button…. and it’s live!


Roadmap to Data Nirvana! – now all teams have visibility into problems and successes, it’s easier to pinpoint priorities and create ‘mini-projects’ to tackle them in order. You’ll also track the success of change in real time leading to a better end user experience.

We have implemented our solutions across private and public sector to help reduce costs in the following areas


Applications – reduced a software estate of +2,000 applications down to 400 saving the management and licencing costs of 1,600 applications

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management – for a transport company, we organised the physical swap out of SIM cards for +1,000 mobile devices saving weeks of end user downtime and huge savings in mobile data charges


Migration Planning – reduced the time of deployment of 12,000 devices from 9 months to 5 by implementing a single pane of glass for all teams to see and buy into

It’s often difficult to stitch together information from reports into a meaningful wisdom….we transform wisdom into manageable mini-projects and a programme of continual service improvement.  We can plug in data such as ‘costs/efficiency today and SLA’s to track changes based on live data against meaningful charts and templates. This allows you and the entire team to see in real time progress, trends and the efficiency savings you’re achieving.

Bringing together your teams has never been so easy, you just need the right tools and the right partner to guide you or deliver it as a great service.  What can we help you with? With our assistance there can be a transparent view of all Applications, Devices and End Users.  Speak with us today, for a no obligation discussion to look at the data and we’ll offer case studies and demonstrations to help build out a solution.

What are your data difficulties?

If you would like discuss the challenge of unifying data, reports, processes and people in your organisation, please reach out to an APPtechnology Director via our contacts page.

Taking your data from ‘Blah to Ta-Dah!’