Citrix License Optimisation

Looking to move from Citrix to AVD? If you are unsure on the process or wary of the post migration costs, let APPtechnology take you to Optimised AVD and slash your virtual device costs.

Managed migration, full reporting on actual costs versus non optimised solution

APPtechnology offer to migrate your Citrix environment safely to Azure Virtual Devices, and then implement optimisation technology to ensure that your operational costs are minimised. Transition can be total, incremental, or just for a small project so that you can compare savings and effort before committing to a larger migration.

This risk free approach gives you total flexibility and the ability to test, measure and adapt any transition to meet your business needs. APPtechnology will undertake the transition of your Citrix images to AVD as part of our POC activity, minimising or removing any image or application rework, The transition is quick and instantly available at whatever scale you require.

Operational cost optimisation of the Azure Virtual Devices is undertaken using intelligent robotic automation of previsioning and de-provisioning, removing the creeping costs of unused allocations. You can see the savings made via live comparative reporting, and these reports can be sub divided to departments, functions or groups to allow extra Business intelligence.

Once optimised APPtechnology continue to monitor your AVD optimisation, adjusting to changing demand and delivering the best savings possible on your virtual device costs.

Benefits you can expect

Managed migration

APPtechnology undertakes the lift and shift or your Citrix devices

Automated VDI provisioning

Giving you the on demand capacity your users need

Automated de-provisioning

Only pay for operational capacity when you need it

Reduce Operating Costs

Customers see virtual device savings of over 60%

  • Stop paying for unused resources
  • Transition to AVD
  • Complete Reporting on savings