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We offer highly experienced SharePoint consulting services, backed by delivery governance, to meet your on-premise, cloud and hybrid migration activities for SharePoint

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APPtechnology help large organisations to streamline collaboration using SharePoint.  Whether you require migration assistance or just general task training for internal teams, we are here to help.

Our consultative approach will help you to understand the challenges, ringfence delivery requirements and allow budgeting confidence and timescales agreed for your migration and upgrade activities.

Many businesses don’t know how to harness the platform to deliver their best business advantages, or to future proof today's usage to align to tomorrow’s requirements.  We are Microsoft experts, and our promise is to deliver you a comprehensive, cradle to grave service that will install, implement or migrate, and transition you to a future proofed SharePoint environment.

A successful migration isn’t just about the tooling, it’s the processes that you follow and those that you embed as you transition to BAU.  SharePoint is a powerful collaboration platform that helps organisations manage documents, streamline workflows, and improve team productivity. However, as businesses evolve and technology advances, there often comes a time when migrating to a newer SharePoint version or even to the cloud becomes necessary. SharePoint migrations can be complex and challenging, but with careful planning and consideration, they can be executed smoothly. Our top 5 Process recommendations for SharePoint migrations are below.

Assessment and Planning

Before diving into a SharePoint migration, it's crucial to perform a thorough assessment of your existing SharePoint environment. This includes identifying the types of content, customisations, and third-party solutions currently in use. We help you understand the scope and complexity of your SharePoint deployment and create a migration plan that addresses specific needs.

Data Cleanup and Governance

SharePoint migrations provide an opportunity to clean up your data and improve governance practices. Before migrating, review and clean up redundant, outdated, or trivial (ROT) data. We help you to design and implement governance policies and guidelines to ensure that the new SharePoint environment remains organised and manageable.

Compatibility and Customisations

One of the critical challenges in SharePoint migrations is dealing with customisations and third-party solutions. Ensure that your custom scripts, workflows, and applications are compatible with the target SharePoint environment. You may need help to recreate or rebuild customisations to work seamlessly in the new version.

Testing and Validation

Thorough testing and validation are essential to ensure a successful SharePoint migration. Create a test environment that mirrors your production environment and conduct migration tests to identify and resolve any issues before the actual migration. User acceptance testing (UAT) is crucial to ensure that the new SharePoint environment meets end-users' expectations, and we can assist with driving this test activity.

Training and Communication

Effective communication and user training are often overlooked but vital aspects of a SharePoint migration. Ensure that end-users are informed about the upcoming changes and receive adequate training to use the new SharePoint environment effectively. We help you to develop clear communication plans that help manage user expectations and reduces resistance to change.

From consultative engagements and migrations through to assisting onsite inhouse teams, we have the consultants that fit with each level in your organisation and help you on your journey. We excel at delivering SharePoint services, and our chosen experts will help you to harness everything that SharePoint has to offer.

To discuss you Sharepoint requirements, please contact and a Director will be in touch within four working hours to answer any questions you may have.

Benefits you can expect

Single point of contact for project delivery

SOW based engagements with clear deliverables

Highly Skilled SME’s at the click of a button

Transitional training to IT and Users

Advice based on experience

Policy and Governance guidance

Expert customisation assistance