Banked Consulting Days

Designed for businesses that have a fluctuating requirement for expert services, APPtechnology banked consulting days give you true flexibility on how you want to allocate your “in hand” days.

A monthly contract engagement, purchasing an agreed number of support hours. Unused hours can be rolled to following months, giving you the ability to bank days for an upgrade project or for a peak in project requirements. Alternatively use the hours to ensure that your Microsoft Endpoint Manager system is operating efficiently, configured to your requirements and delivering security, OS and applications to your users in the manner intended. If you want to leverage your unused credits for consultant activity other non MEM projects we can accommodate this.

APPtechnology support consultants are kept up to date with all MEM product advances, development directions and have multi-enterprise experience.

For the cost of a small monthly commitment APPtechnology will:

  • Workshop your requirements to assist with service sizing
    • Identifying administrative, operational and project tasks
  • Allocate two consultants to your account
    • Ensuring site knowledge is shared
  • Appoint a client director for your account
    • Point of contact for all Governance and escalations
  • Flexibly roll unused hours to following months
    • Removes the use-it-or-lose-it mentality of some services
  • Delivery scheduled service reporting
    • Including product advances recommendations
  • Flexible credit usage for none MEM consultancy