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covid 19
Maintaining Business as Usual through Covid-19, an insight into APPtechnology and our Clients

The current Covid-19 situation is a game changer for consultancies of all sizes.   Our team have always been a hybrid mix of fixed desk and remote workers.

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MSIX and Microsoft Endpoint Management

MSIX and Microsoft Endpoint ManagementMSIX as a distribution format is well thought out and brings the benefits of added security and cross-platform support to the Intune and Config Manager Deployment...

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Are you a Half Percenter?

Are you a Half Percenter? How fast does Windows 10 servicing have to run in a large Enterprise? This article walks through the cadence and logic of supporting Windows 10 in an...

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SCCM 1802 – Great while it lasted!

SCCM 1802 – Great while it lasted! Microsoft SCCM infrastructure last upgraded before June 2018 is no longer supported.

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Office 365 Licensing - Are you paying too much?

Office 365 Licensing - Are you paying too much? The savings available with effective license management can be significant.

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Windows 10 Panic

Flipping the Windows 10 panic on its head! Turning panic to business opportunity I’ve read so many articles on the panic to move to Windows 10….

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