Windows 10

Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 best practice migrations for business. Migrate all users and legacy applications to Windows 10. We’ve never beaten by a migration challenge.

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Office 365 license

We work with Enterprises to reduce Office 365 subscription costs without impacting on the business tools your users need. Please contact us for a zero cost, no obligation one-month pilot to prove the savings you can achieve.

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We work with Enterprises to bring dependable quality to every application deployed across their business. We have solutions from initial request, through discovery, packaging and testing before final deployment into live

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Legacy Application

Introducing Legacy by APPtechnology - our solution enables you to extend the life of business critical legacy applications in the enterprise. Enabling you to run any application on a modern operating system securely and efficiently. Whether it is running a 16 bit application on 64 bit Windows, or an unsupported application on Windows 10.

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SCCM, Intune and

If you need help upgrading SCCM, migrating to Windows 10 or you want Microsoft Intune to deliver modern management we can help and reduce your total cost of support.

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