Managed Apple Mac and iOS Devices Service

MECM: a holistic solution for managing devices across multiple platforms, from Windows PCs to iPhones

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Why Manage Apple Devices with Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune offers a holistic solution for managing a wide range of devices, from Windows PCs to mobile devices, across multiple platforms. By extending its capabilities to Apple devices, organizations can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Unified Management Console: Intune provides a centralized console for managing both Windows and Apple devices, allowing IT teams to streamline management tasks and reduce complexity.
  2. Consistent Policies: Apply consistent security policies and configurations to all devices, ensuring a standardized level of security and compliance across the organization.
  3. Single Sign-On (SSO): Integrate Apple devices with Azure Active Directory for seamless user authentication and access control, enhancing both security and user experience.
  4. App Distribution and Management: Intune enables the distribution and management of apps across Apple devices, ensuring that users have access to the tools they need for optimal productivity.
  5. Security Enhancement: With Intune, you can enforce security policies such as encryption, passcode requirements, and remote wipe capabilities on Apple devices to safeguard sensitive data.
  6. Conditional Access: Apply conditional access policies based on device compliance, user identity, and location to allow secure access to corporate resources.

Managed Apple Mac and iOS devices service key features:

  1. Device Enrolment and Configuration:
    • Streamlined enrolment of Mac and iOS devices into your organization's network.
    • Customized configuration profiles for consistent user experience and security settings.
    • Automatic app deployment and updates, ensuring devices are always up-to-date.
  2. Application Management:
    • Centralized app distribution and management across all devices.
    • License tracking and optimization to reduce costs and eliminate app sprawl.
    • User-friendly app self-service portal for employees to install approved apps.
  3. Security and Compliance:
    • Robust security policies and encryption settings to protect sensitive data.
    • Real-time monitoring and enforcement of compliance standards.
    • Remote lock and wipe capabilities for lost or stolen devices.
  4. Patch and Update Management:
    • Automated patching of operating systems and applications to maintain security.
    • Scheduled updates to minimize disruption during working hours.
    • Testing of updates in controlled environments to prevent compatibility issues.
  5. Remote Support and Troubleshooting:
    • Remote desktop control to assist users with technical issues.
    • Real-time chat support for quick problem resolution.
    • Diagnostics and system information retrieval for effective troubleshooting.
  6. Asset Tracking and Reporting:
    • Detailed inventory tracking of hardware and software assets.
    • Comprehensive reports on device usage, compliance status, and software licenses.
    • Data-driven insights for informed decision-making and budget planning.
  7. Customization and Integration:
    • Integration with existing IT systems and tools to streamline workflows.
    • Custom scripting and automation to address unique organizational needs.
    • Tailored user experiences through branded portals and interfaces.
  8. Training and Knowledge Sharing:
    • Comprehensive training for IT staff on managing devices with JAMF and Intune.
    • Documentation and resources for end-users to navigate device features.
    • Regular updates and webinars on the latest features and best practices.

To discuss you requirements, please contact and a Director will be in touch within four working hours to answer any questions you may have.

Our Managed Apple Mac and iOS Devices service, powered by MECM, empowers your organization to leverage the capabilities of Apple devices while ensuring security, efficiency, and user satisfaction. With our comprehensive offering, your IT team can focus on.

Benefits you can expect

Enhanced Productivity

Users can work seamlessly across Mac and iOS devices with consistent configurations and access to essential apps

Heightened Security

Implement stringent security policies, ensuring data integrity and safeguarding against cyber threats.

Reduced Downtime

Automated updates and remote troubleshooting minimize device-related disruptions.

Streamlined Management

Centralized management console simplifies administration tasks and reduces IT overhead.

Compliance Assurance

Maintain industry regulations and internal policies effortlessly.

Cost Optimization

Efficient app and license management prevent unnecessary expenses.