Application Rationalisation and Discovery

Application Rationalisation

Application sprawl is the bane of companies of any size. Unused, out of date, legacy and duplicated applications add to complexity, costs and increases cyber threats to your business!

Whether you’re looking to rationalise before your move to Windows 11 or as part of ongoing savings projects, our application rationalisation engagement can help determine which applications should be kept, replaced, retired or consolidated. Typically, we can help reduce an application estate by 50% to 75% through a rationalisation engagement. This leaves a leaner application estate that will reduce IT costs and reduce your cyber exposure.

We offer two engagements to suit your requirements

Rationalise Project

We’ll snapshot where you are today, identify functionality duplication, legacy applications and next operating system compatibility problems. This gives you the roadmap and priority to update and remove leaner more secure estate. Use as often as you require.

Rationalise Service Package

An ongoing service to regularly monitor your environment for change and recommend opportunities to reduce complexity and cyber risk. This gives you the peace of mind of an independent view of your estate with the assurance of a ‘little and often’ rationalisation programme.


Existing Application Estate Application Rationalisation Rationalised Application EstateExisting Application Estate Application Rationalisation Rationalised Application Estate


Application Discovery

Whether you have an existing packaged estate or are looking at application packaging for the first time, application discovery is an essential part of that process.

By completing application discovery, you will end up with an Application Passport for your application. This will capture all the information required to install the application correctly which is a pre-requisite for Application Packaging. This also becomes a critical part of your Application Lifecycle Management process as a source of information for your support teams as well as your application team when the application is updated in the future.

  • Installation instructions
  • Configuration instructions
  • Licensing details
  • Application Dependencies
  • Application Ownership
  • Application Tester(s)
  • Known issues

For standard line of business (COTS applications) we can self-discover saving many man hours to the project.

For your complex applications we screenshot each installation stage and work alongside your application Sponsors to write the signoff criteria.

With this "measure twice, cut once" approach ensures the packaging team have everything they need to get it right, your user perception is high without embarrassing testing failures and importantly, your downstream costs are lower for updates.

We are your Application Rationalisation and Discovery Specialists

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