Office 365 License Management

We work with Enterprises to reduce Office 365 subscription costs without impacting on the business tools your users need. Please contact us for a zero cost, no obligation one-month pilot to prove the savings you can achieve.

Full Office 365 License Optimisation Service

Simple to Configure

This service is hosted and maintained for you. Setup is simply a question of read-only access to your Microsoft Office 365 usage analytics data, via Microsoft Graph, and results can be seen within an hour.

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Simple to Use

We turn the Microsoft Office 365 usage analytics data into useable business information. Clear screens showing the savings available for license downgrading or re-harvesting, as well as a detailed product versus O365 service analysis.

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Not just Office 365

Using the same analytic and intelligence engine that drives our Office 365 License Optimisation service we can extend our hosted offering to include license optimisation for SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Adobe Creative Cloud products.

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Benefits you can expect

Reduce Waste & Cost

Don’t waste money paying for Office 365 license subscriptions that you aren’t using

Ensure Process Efficiency

Establish automated processes that will reduce and optimise your SaaS spend

Improve Contractual Terms

Understanding actual license use enables negotiation of improved commercial terms

Achieve Auditable Compliance

Audit and understand in detail how your compliance has changed over the years

Enhance Asset Management

Understand and take action to remove inactive accounts & invalid or unknown users

Strategically Manage Licenses

Usage transparency helps you strategically manage over-licensing and future needs

  • Stop paying for
    unused licenses
  • Transition to Cloud
    service model option
  • A complete view
    of your license usage
  • Accurate data enables
    right decisions

Why APPtechnology?

We are your Windows 10 and license optimisation specialists

At APPtechnology we help you efficiently and cost effectively use your software licenses including Microsoft Office 365, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Adobe Creative Cloud products. Our aim is to provide full control, through detailed license transparency, so you can strategically manage your licenses to achieve optimal utilisation whilst reducing license waste and cost.

We are focused experts in Windows 10 Migrations, Application Packaging, SCCM and License Optimisation.

Supporting businesses and organisations on their Windows 10 migration and beyond…

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Operate with transparency and confidence to minimise your Office 365 spend

A complete overview of your Office 365 licenses will enable you to understand your estate and make the right decisions for your business. Stop over-provisioning subscriptions and choose the right apps and plans with APPtechnology’s LicenseControl for Office 365. LicenseControl’s automatic usage, and downgrade & reclamation reports, give the insights needed to control spending and optimise contracts. Reducing subscriptions can shrink maintenance and support costs, putting money back into your budget.

LicenseControl processes the default Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics information that is provided to your Office 365 administrators, via Microsoft Graph. Advanced analysis, proprietary systems and a maintained product database allows LicenseControl to Identify the opportunities available to downgrade licensing or re-harvest accounts.

Peace-of-mind migration solutions, supporting clients projects, teams and success

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We’ll prove the Office 365 license savings in our free project pilot

Zero cost, no obligation one-month pilot to prove the savings you can achieve? Please contact us for more detail.

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Efficiently manage your Microsoft Office 365 licenses

Microsoft Office 365 provides numerous productivity applications and benefits for business but inefficient management and utilisation of licenses can result in significant unnecessary spend.

Please contact us for a friendly conversation on how we can help you understand, optimise, reduce, reuse and reharvest your Office 365 licenses to reduce your spend.

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