Total Packaging Service

Managing applications in a modern, secure enterprise presents a multiple challenges. To keep your environment secure , evergreen and compliant with Cyber Essentials Plus can necessitate almost daily package updates into your estate.

APPtechnology can handle the heavy lifting of managing this leaving your IT teams to focus on supporting the business.

You’re in good company!

We’re trusted by the UKs leading retailers, Government departments, legal, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and public health bodies to deliver their application services. We’re not only seen as a great value but also a trusted extension to in-house teams building a reliable, seamless workflow from application request to deployment.

What is Total Packaging?

With our Total Packaging service, we will monitor your application estate for updates and releases. Based on pre-agreed standards as part of our rapid service on-boarding, we will either notify or immediately package and make the updates available in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MECM) for you.

Standard Off-Site Packaging Model

In a standard off-site packaging model, we only handle the very middle part of the process.

Standard packaging model

Standard packaging model

APPtechnology Total Packaging

In contrast, for customer using our Total Packaging service we will:

  • Capture and monitor your core applications and track weekly for changes
  • Report any changes and propose packaging based on impact and agreed standard
  • Complete application discovery and documentation for each application
  • Package each application to agreed standards
  • Publish into Intune/MECM ready UAT and Release
  • Provide weekly packaging governance meetings
  • Run a Monthly service review meetings

Total packaging model

Total packaging model

This will allow us to proactively drive applications through the service and remove current bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the application lifecycle management (ALM) process, leaving it looking like this. 

This is all backed up by our core service benefits:

Price per Package

Forget complexity, all of our pricing is based on a single price per package. You can now forecast accurately your budget and team workloads.

9 Month Warranty

We stand proud that our clients enjoy a 98% ‘first time right’ quality pass. Every package we return is warranted to perform as per the agreed standards and test criteria or we’ll re-package without charge

We’re secure

We’re based in the UK and all data is retained on these shores. We are Cyber Essentials certified and our processes ensure it’s just the applications…..not your data! For secure sites we use your own devices and authentication and use our Security Cleared packaging consultants.

Online Portal

You’re in Control – log in to your private portal to upload applications and track the progress of every application from request to return. When your priorities change, simply re-order in real time your workflow to change the order we package in. Live management information is always available to keep track of purchase order, credits and KPIs.

MAC packaging

Should you have them in your estate we can also assist with MAC packaging whether you are using Intune or JAMF, as well as having solutions to hand for managing and securing any legacy applications that might be lingering in your estate.

Benefits you can expect

An evergreen application estate

Cyber Essential Plus compliance

Painless Application Lifecycle management

You IT team can now focus on the business

Application Management across all devices

The comfort of knowing your applications are under control

  • For medium to
    large enterprises
  • Unique suite of
  • Providing legacy web
    application solutions
  • Never beaten by a
    legacy application