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Corporate Cyber Security

Do you want a platform that can detect in real-time both signature and non-signature-based attacks and accelerates incident investigation and response? With APPtechnology and Cybereason you can enable real-time detection of cyber-attacks, leverage enhanced investigation capabilities and continuous endpoint visibility.

Helping you expose cyber attacks in real time

Detection of complex hacking operations is a traditionally a job for a cyber-investigator: identifying malicious activity on your network, determining between true and false evidence, and connecting these threads together to reveal the attack in full.

Typically, security teams are still reliant on a human cyber-investigators. However, Cybereason can automate detection and response, providing real-time detection of Cyber-Attacks. Saving you time and money.

Automate Investigations

With real time detection of malicious operations, based on known and unknown elements, evidence is automatically validated and linked together to improve detection and decision making. Find out more

Accelerate Investigations

With our Incident Investigation Console, you get the full attack story illustrated, with fast and efficient alerting empowering informed decision making. Find out more

Streamline Security Teams

Empowering less experienced analysts to be an active part of your cyber security team. For your level 3 analysts, the solution collapses the time of investigation from weeks down to hours. Find out more