Legacy Application Management

Introducing Legacy by APPtechnology - our solution enables you to extend the life of business critical legacy applications in the enterprise. Enabling you to run any application on a modern operating system securely and efficiently. Whether it is running a 16 bit application on 64 bit Windows, or an unsupported application on Windows 10 or 11, we can help.

Legacy Application Management

We take your old business applications and port them onto a secure platform. This gives your end users the same experience on virtually any device and enables your network team to finally unplug vulnerable old hardware.

Legacy Application

Finding a 16-bit application or legacy 32-bit application that is still core to your business can become a blocker for a Windows migration. Windows OS compatibility can be particularly challenging for enterprises migrating onto 64-bit Windows 10 and 11, looking to leveraging all of the new security capabilities. In past migrations where Windows compatibility has flagged up a ‘red applications’ without a simple upgrade path or fix. The only solution was to leave physical or virtual machines running an old version of Windows in the estate, and accept the security vulnerabilities and support overheads. With Legacy by APPtechnology we can run end-of-life software and 16 bit on Windows 10 and 11, and get you migration back on track.

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How Legacy by
APPtechnology works

Legacy by APPtechnology is a hosted service that can be provided on premise, off-premise or as a hybrid solution. As a commoditised service you can scale up the concurrent users and applications to meet your requirements from as little as £1,599 per month. With capability to deliver applications to Windows, Android or IOS devices or any HTML5 compatible browser you can address end of life legacy application issues as well as providing BYOD options to your mobile workforce.

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Any App Any

Legacy by APPtechnology can support your BYOD strategy as well as enabling your mobile workforce. With personal devices like iPads, Microsoft’s Surface and Chromebooks there is a need to provide business applications and capabilities to these diverse platforms. Legacy by APPtechnology provides a simple and efficient platform to deliver Windows applications to the devices you need. Whether this is running modern application like Microsoft Office 2016 on a Chromebook or an ageing in-house VB application on an iPad.

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Benefits you can expect

Safe-hands Migration

Safe-hands support from our specialists who have migrated thousands of users to Windows 10

All Legacy Applications Migrated

Our Windows 10 migration solutions ensure all your legacy applications are supported

Meeting Project Timescales

We are a hit the ground running IT partner focused on meeting your project timescales

Business Results Focus

We focus on rationalising your software estate reducing support workloads and costs

Delivery Guaranteed

With a flexible and professional approach we provide guaranteed delivery assistance

Best Practice Project Processes

With 10-years migration experience we bring modern project processes and documentation

  • Never beaten by
    a Legacy Application
  • 100% of your applications
    on Windows 10
  • Supporting 16-bit line
    of business applications
  • Providing legacy web
    application solutions