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We work with Enterprises to bring dependable quality to every application deployed across their business. We have solutions from initial request, through discovery, packaging and testing before final deployment into live.

Application Containerisation and Delivery for Education

APPtechnology can help educational institutions maximise IT efficiencies and lower the cost of delivering any application to students and faculty. The solutions we support deliver the fastest, most flexible computing solution in the marketplace today, allowing educational institutions to meet key business drivers including:

  • Improving the reach and accessibility of education for students
  • Delivering applications consistently across multiple devices
  • Protecting student and faculty privacy and data
  • Allows enforcement of security policies and critical software updates
  • Simplifying the management of complex IT solutions
  • Providing highly scalable and easily deployed platform
  • Delivering high availability, performance and scalability
  • Saving money on both operational and capital expenses


With a plethora of personal devices like iPads, Microsoft’s Surface RT and Chromebooks there is a challenge for Educational Institutions to connect and allow students to use these devices. With the ability to support 50-200 high-performance virtual desktops on a single high-density appliance.


With our scalable solution it becomes economical to deliver virtual desktops to your students any time, anywhere, for virtually any device. Providing a consistent computing environment to students across a wide range of devices.


For you IT administrators, our solution offers simple deployment and centralised management with increased performance. Allowing Windows updates and software patches to be pushed out to all virtual desktops in minutes (not days or weeks), saving on support costs.


We can provide a simple Windows application delivery method which can be dropped in allowing for existing staff and IT partners to deliver their applications with these new devices. It doesn’t require new training which might be assumed for an enterprise grade IT department. It doesn’t require a complete forklift of existing infrastructure to deliver these services.


It simply delivers the Windows applications to the new devices such as Chromebooks in a simple way without the requirement for end user certifications or education which could hinder a deployment or create new risks associated with it.

  • A simplified solution to enabling any mobile device
  • Applications can be easily containerized in as little as six clicks
  • Clustering allows for appliances of any size designed for any application workload
  • Applications can be integrated into workflow management of any portal system


APPtechnology understands these needs and addresses them with our Application Containerisation technology.

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