Web Application & Browser Management

If you have the need to migrate large numbers of web applications to a modern Windows and browser platform, you will need to start with a web application inventory assessment that provides a complete list of dependency issues and then you'll require the tools to address these issues before, during, and after the migration. 
With Browsium from APPtechnology we can help.

Web Application & Browser Management
APPtechnology with Browsium’s browser management platform can help you answer your Windows migration issues and to professionally achieve your goals.

Web Application & Browser Management

Provides detailed inventory data specific to a machine and activity data.

Enables you to define exactly how a given web application loads, allowing you to completely control the compatibility issues including rendering, scripting and all the way through loading only the specific version of Java required.

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Java Version Management

Allows you to lock down all intranet applications to a limited set of Java versions.

Determines exactly which applications require Java by version. Proton delivers a complete listing of all web applications in use to help rationalise web applications, develop a plan to eliminate those that aren’t unnecessary or no longer actively used.

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Browser Redirection Tool

Ensure the right browser is used for the right application.

Enables IT to manage multiple browsers side by side, controlling Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome use by writing rules to pair each web application with the most compatible and secure browser.

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Benefits you can expect

Reduce risk & improved security

Improves Java and legacy software security, and traffic control for browser-based apps.

Project timescales met

We are a hit the ground running IT partner focused on meeting your project timescales

Browser traffic control

Rulesets to make sure that your users are using the proper browser every time.

Java management

Remove security threats and standardise on the latest browsers, reducing risk and cost.

Browser intelligence

Giving you oversight on everything from Shadow IT to Java Security and Management.

Modern environment at reduced cost

All apps operate in latest version of Windows with a modern browser without need for time consuming cycles of regression testing.

  • For medium to
    large enterprises
  • Unique suite of
  • Providing legacy web
    application solutions
  • Never beaten by a
    Legacy Application

Browsium from APPtechnology

Providing visibility & granular control of enterprise browsers & web applications. Minimising legacy application exposure.

At APPtechnology we enable and support our clients in professionally migrating users and devices to Windows 10. We are focused experts in migrations, application packaging, Microsoft configuration management (SCCM, Intune and Autopilot), and legacy application and browser management. Our aim is to migrate your business, including all legacy applications, users and devices to a modern, secure and efficient Windows 10 environment. 

Reducing cost, meeting project timelines
and delivering against your expectations is
our priority.

Supporting businesses and organisations on their Windows 10 migration and beyond…

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Regain control of your enterprise browser environment 

Best in class browser management solutions


APPtechnology’s Browsium solutions enable enterprises to fully understand and manage their browser-based application environment and quickly and cost-effectively respond to changes in web technologies as they continue to evolve. Our browser management suite (Proton, Ion and Catalyst) is the only comprehensive suite of tools to provide IT with granular analysis and control of browser environments to optimise web application use, compatibility, and security. The tools, which share a unified client for easy deployment, and can be used together or independently.

Peace-of-mind migration solutions, supporting clients projects, teams and success

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Case Study: A Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company

See how we helped a top 5 Pharmaceutical company resolve their Java migration issues that spanned 100,000 users and in doing so they saved $2.5M, 18 months and increased security using Browsium solutions to manage their web application challenges


Web Application & Browser Management

Looking to migrate to a modern Windows and browser platform environment? Wishing to migrate thousands of web applications? Looking to ensure compatibility for traditional executable applications? Need to ensure web application issues are properly addressed to support your migration? We can help.

 Resolving migration issues such as these start with the need for a web application inventory assessment, so you have a complete list of the dependency issues and then the tools are required to address these issues before, during, and after the migration. We can help.

 Please contact us for a friendly conversation on how we can help you. We will reply to your enquiry within 1 working day.

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