Leverage your Legacy applications without suffering from unsupported OS security risks

wcry ransomware updated variant

The recent Ransomware attacks, predominantly impacting Windows 7 users, showed that some systems could have been protected by applying security updates to in support OS. Not everyone has that option, especially when it comes to Legacy Business applications tied to older and unsupported platforms. Legacy by APPtechnology allows you to sweat the value from your legacy applications without sweating about your security exposure from the older OS that your applications need. Designed to assist enterprises with the challenges of addressing relevant but legacy applications in larger organisations, this is a solution worth considering for businesses with antiquated but currently irreplaceable software.

wcry ransomware updated variant


 Our unique combination of containerisation, kernel technology and application knowledge allows you to purchase or rent a scalable, on premise / hybrid / azure solution, enabling you to provision your legacy apps to any device, for as long as you need.

Whether you need a secure stop-gap before your application is retired, or want to invest your redevelopment budget into gaining new features rather than just achieving compatibility with the latest OS, Legacy by APPtechnology is for you.

16 Bit apps running on a secure and in support server, you’ve got it. Want to run PDP or Solaris applications on iOS, with Siri Integration, no problem! Want an identical application experience across Windows, Mac and Android devices for your legacy or other business applications, it’s yours.

Government and Medical organisations can upgrade and patch their user base OS without fear of impacting on the availability of critical Legacy applications. FDA and CSV requirements can be met by simply approving the Legacy solution alone, as the applications we provision will not have changed code.

Don’t spend your migration effort on trying to resolve the Legacy application issues that previous migrations have left behind; using Legacy by APPtechnology you can make migration killers a thing of the past.

Legacy by APPtechnology can assist with delivery of incompatible client based, hardware restricted or Windows Server 2003 applications (Client/server and web apps) to any modern platform. Want to see your application working on the latest Windows 10 build as part of a pre-sales demonstration process then contact us via our website chat window, email or call.

Our solution is available directly or via G-Cloud 9, or various other Government frameworks.

Martin Sweeney
Director APPtechnology