Windows 7 end of life is imminent and there’s going to be a shortage of skilled migration resources

windows 7 end of life feature

Windows 7 end of life is 14th January 2020

Yes, the end of life of Windows 7 is now imminent; 14th January 2020. During this period the market will become even more volatile as resources become less and as more people strive to deliver their Windows 10 migration. Taking a strategic approach to your recruitment planning rather than cure is often the best option available.

If you haven’t started your migration from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 or like 86% of organisations you have not yet completed your Windows 10 migration, now is the time to address this.

At APPtechnology, we have carefully managed and built a strong internal pool of trusted resource allowing us to be very confident that we have the right people ready to assist our customers when they decide that it is time to hit the green button on their Windows 10 migration. We can mobilise and deploy these trusted resources to any of our end clients quickly and with the confidence that they will add value and assistance to any business as usual (BAU) or current project teams relieving pressure from day one.

What happens when all these available options have been utilised and the pot is getting low to help you avoid the problems of Windows 7 end of support?

I have managed teams of candidates through three cycles of Windows Migrations; XP to Windows 7, Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and now it’s Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The trend never changes in the market, it becomes bare at times, the specialist resources such as high-level architecture, have been planning and designing for some period of time already. Teams of discovery, BA, and packages are full on with the application lifecycle and the treadmill is moving at a fine pace.

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Unfortunately, I have seen people hired to fill a seat, they take time to settle and often they need time to understand the clients set up. I have heard that they were given training which took time away from the project and didn’t give the assistance that a new hire should.

At APPtechnology we approach this dilemma with a different view. We have built trusted resource and we can effectively deploy a mini team from all levels of technical background. We can mobilise these teams to assist as a project or BAU team partner, allowing deadlines to be shortened and met. It is square peg into square hole, a much quicker and easier exercise.

Failing to plan the hiring strategy can lead to rate hikes. When the candidates are being called 50 times a day by different hiring agents they often start to listen to the more lucrative figures, a mini bidding war can break out and this pushes prices up. If the planning/hire is properly coordinated, aftermath, you could have had two of the hires for the same period for the same spend as a desperate panic driven hire can cost. See our website landing page for further detail on our Windows migration service.

Feel free to drop me a line should you wish to discuss any challenges you could be facing. At APPtechnology we are an open book and happy to discuss potential scenario based proven methods to try and assist you with any hiring challenges.