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Corporate Cyber Security

Do you want a platform that can detect in real-time both signature and non-signature-based attacks and accelerates incident investigation and response? With APPtechnology and Cybereason you can enable real-time detection of cyber-attacks, leverage enhanced investigation capabilities and continuous endpoint visibility.

Detect Malicious Operations in Real Time

Cybereason is the only platform that can reveal complete malicious operations in real time. Capable of identifying attacks based on both known and unknown elements, those that involve malware as well as non-malware based attacks.


Other solutions will provide alerts on isolated events, which can lead to inaccuracies and excessive false alerts. Cybereason however, automatically validates and links together evidence across your estate, making detection significantly accurate. Providing back a complete malicious operation and bringing together the following core 5 elements of every attack:

  • Timeline
  • Root Cause
  • Adversarial Activity
  • Communications
  • Endpoints and Users


These elements are visible in Cybereason’s Incident Investigation Console, providing a clear blueprint for containment and remediation activities.


Validation of alerts produced by other security systems (e.g. SIEMs, Sandbox and others) is easy. Eliminating the need to manually correlate information from various systems.


Allowing for informed easy information sharing across your organisation and informed and empowered decision making.

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