Legacy Applications Webinar

Using Microsoft Window Virtual Desktop (WVD) to move your legacy business applications into the cloud.

Who says legacy applications wont run in WVD textWho Says Legacy Applications Won't Run in WMV?Legacy business applications running WMV - example 1Legacy business applications running WMV - example 2Legacy business applications running WMV - example 3

FREE WEBINAR Wednesday 24th March from 11:00-11:30
APPtechnology and Droplet will show you how you can leverage WVD to move legacy applications from your estate securely into the cloud. Remove security issues, save on support costs and benefit fully from Microsoft Modern Management technologies.

Examples of outdated/legacy business applications running securely in the cloud

Legacy business applications running WMV - example 1
Legacy business applications running WMV - example 2
Legacy business applications running WMV - example 3

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We will show you

How to move your challenging applications into the cloud and remove any blockers from completing your Windows 10 migration.

How to seamlessly integrate your users legacy application experience in Windows Virtual Desktop

How to support complex manufacturing and hardware dependent applications including those with USB or serial port input requirements.

How to provide support for legacy windows 16bit and 32bit applications securely from the cloud.

How to support legacy web applications that require out of date and insecure versions of Java, .NET, Flash or legacy web browsers to run.


Barry Daniels

COO, Droplet Computing

Barry Daniels, COO, Droplet Computing

With a combination of commercial acumen and 20 years of IT experience, Barry helps businesses to implement technology solutions that lead to profitable outcomes.

Michelle Laverick

Chief Technologist, Droplet Computing

Michelle Laverick, Chief Technologist, Droplet Computing

Founder of training company RTFM Education and author of eight books, Michelle is an experienced speaker, responsible for Partner Enablement, Pre-Sales, and advising on product strategy at Droplet Computing.

Host: Mark Churly

Client Director, APPtechnology

Mark Churly, APPtechnology Client Director and former Global Head of Software Automation for Barclays

Former Global Head of Software Automation for Barclays, with two decades' experience delivering ‘cost appropriate’ solutions and business process change via emerging technology solutions.


If you have legacy business applications in your estate and are looking for a solution as well as the option to move to the cloud then please join us.

Wednesday 24th March 2021 from 11:00 – 11:30

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