Free Webinar: Windows 11 Readiness

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With Windows 10 set to go end of life in 2025, senior IT professionals are considering their Windows 11 migration options.


In this fact-filled webinar, APPtechnology's Mark Churly and Ben Cook from ManagementStudio walk you through the Engage reporting tools to show you how you can get your organisation ready for migration to Windows 11 using the existing data in your estate.

As well as discussing the technical implications behind a Windows 11 migration, they explain the business benefits and processes required behind the move. During the webinar, they address some of the pressing issues that you and your IT team are likely to face, including;

  1. Out of Date Hardware: Learn how to identify outdated hardware and the best strategies for upgrading or replacing it efficiently.
  2. Unused Applications: Discover techniques to streamline your application portfolio and delete redundant software prior to migration.
  3. Hardware and Software Incompatibility: Gain insights into tackling compatibility challenges between hardware and software, ensuring a smooth transition to Windows 11.

Our speakers from ManagementStudio and APPtechnology share their expertise on migrations and EUC infrastructure to demonstrate how a Windows 11 Engage Workshop will provide insights into migration spend, approach  and resourcing.


Now Available on Demand

.We look forward to telling you about the savings we can bring to your company.