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Advanced EUC Application Intelligence and Process Automation

Application Intelligence and Process Automation

Driven by APPtechnology.

APPtechnology see Enterprises’ struggle with both complex and the boring administrative areas of EUC delivery.  Changing BAU workloads, internal project delivery and prioritisation of today’s tasks leads to postponements, omissions and technical debt around the following areas:

The pace of application changes – covering security and general patching

Concentrating on improvements – removing unused or out of support applications

Process completion – delays on complex processes such as joiners and leavers

Device management – Health, retirement or loss

User information – Business or User information that is out of date from previous targeted activity

PMO delivery –definitive spreadsheets that are project specific, and out of date the next day

Baseline and progress reporting – understanding what is improving and what needs more attention

  • Delivering Improvements
  • Process completion
  • Device Management
  • User Information
  • PMO Delivery
  • Baseline & Progress
  • Pace of change
  • EUC Management

APPtechnology’s Advanced EUC leverages our extensive application knowledge and Business Information and Process Automation tooling, to deliver improvements in all of these areas.

Advanced EUC Overview

For a set monthly fee you receive expert analysis and recommendations for your application estate covering upgrade options, patching and Cyber Essentials compliance challenges.  We take on the workload to assess, package and manage software and OS patching requirements for your EUC and Infrastructure.

Additionally, leveraging the awesome power of ManagementStudio, the service brings process automation and data intelligence opportunities to your environment, improving device security, user engagement and streamlining IT administration. 

One monthly fee, dramatically improved application management information, expert software management services, and process automation to reduce your workloads is completed as planned by your APPtechnology Advanced EUC service. 

Service Highlights

Application Management

  1. Remove duplication and unused software

  2. Throttle deployments to de-risk change

  3. Monitor for unauthorised installs

Cyber Essentials Compliance

  1. CMDB for approved applictaions

  2. Critical patches packaged, tested and released within 14 days

  3. Remain CE+ compliant

License Management

  1. License and subscription management for long term leave

  2. Identify over allocation

  3. Benefit from using software usage, not installs

Hardware Management

  1. W11 compat and bespoke reporting

  2. Automate missing devices activity

  3. Autowipe against agree criteria

User Information

  1. Continually refresh stale AD and HR data

  2. Update any otherwise static user data

  3. User survey and satisfaction reporting

Cross Project Information

  1. Remove spreadsheet hell

  2. Updated and live data available for any IT change

  3. Centralise AD, SCCM, Azure and HR data

Use case examples

The following use case examples can save you money, improve your security, and turn your older data into useable business information… just imagine the Process automation possibilities.

Improve Hardware security and reduce theft – Imagine a laptop, enabled within AD but not seen on the network for X weeks.  Automated comms to the last logged on user to ask about location of device, and if an email bounce received either escalate to security or send auto-wipe commands.  If identified that hardware was re-imaged and renamed, then consolidate information or data clean-up in CMDB.

Projects work from information that is current and precise – Use automated surveys to keep historical user data up to date.  Where AD information has not been updated for x months, trigger user communications to check that it is relevant – “we have X as your line management and Y as your office location, is this still correct?”

Reduce your software license costs – Unused software is identified and either removed or the user contacted to check requirements.  Software request and deployment process automated to allow rapid redeployment if required, integrated with any ITSM solution.

Automated “Nagging Engine” – Reminders and recording user activities on regulatory required scheduled activities such as completing anti bribery training, H&S activity, or checking on validity of mandated financial certifications.

Automate complex but repetitive IT processes – Maternity, Paternity or Long term leave processes such as temporarily removing expensive license allocations, or automated comms to reduce per user subscriptions, account suspension or re-enablement, security group management can all be automated, as can extensive joiners and leavers IT requirements.

Cyber Essentials Compliance – Your service can identify, recommend, package or patch software to maintain CE+ levels of compliance.  It can automate the removal of unsupported applications, or start communications that will be a record of exception, along with providing expert advice on exceptions management.

Proactive identification of impacted users – In addition to knowing who may be impacted by project, application or infrastructure changes, you can automate communications to users based on application or hardware performance.  Automate activity based on machine or application health reporting.

Business Information

The following are examples of Business information and regular reporting options available from this  Service.  APPtechnology will work with you to identify what is important to your business and incorporate this in your Advanced EUC managed service delivery.


  1. W11 readiness

  2. Patch compliance trends

  3. What's not patched

  4. Missing devices

  5. Devices with at risk applications

  6. Detailed inventory


  1. Last login and device location

  2. Updated User information

  3. Scheduled compliance

  4. Scheduled compliance

  5. Impacting change communications

  6. User Satisfaction surveys

  7. User device and application performance monitoring


  1. CMDB updated

  2. What has been updated

  3. Throttled rollout management

  4. What can be retired

  5. What can be replaced / updated

  6. Dependency mapping


  1. Live and updated device, user and application information

  2. Accurate contact information

  3. Identify who will be impacted by change

  4. Update for one project updates all base data

  5. Per project workflows

  6. Removes "use once" static information gathering

Management Reporting

  1. User trends

  2. Application Trends

  3. Recommendations for improvement

  4. Device and application performance analysis

  5. Compliance position trend

How to Engage

The opportunities are endless for Application, OS and Process improvements, but the starting point may be complicated.  APPtechnology workshop with you in a presales capacity to identify the data sources available, the best routes to update aged information, the business intelligence that is important to you, and the initial processes that can be automated under your Advanced EUC service.

Every business is unique, and this service is designed to align with your uniqueness.  Talk to us today, engage our requirements gathering workshop, and you will be given remit and pricing for an Advanced EUC managed service specifically designed specifically for your environment and priorities.


Ready to transform your EUC delivery?

Talk to an APPtechnology Director about how we can assess, package and manage software and OS patching requirements for your EUC.

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