G-Cloud 11 - what it means to Technology Suppliers and Customers

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G-Cloud 11 - what it means to Technology Suppliers and Customers

Being on the G-Cloud 11 framework is great, winning business is even better!


The rush to submit Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Services to the Digital Marketplace Framework (G-Cloud 11) is now over for 2019. Most companies that submitted applications were accepted. APPtechnology along with 4,000 other IT suppliers were successful in submitting over 30,000 cloud-based offerings*. So, with so many government G-Cloud suppliers and G-Cloud services what options are available for these companies to win new business? 


Options for government G-Cloud providers to win business.

Now that you have become a G-Cloud provider, we look at the options of how to win business.

As a supplier, there are 3 different strategies that you can take to winning new business. They are:

  1. Do nothing and hope that Government companies find your cloud offerings using the G-Cloud 11 search function.
  2. Mass market your offerings to every government company using social, direct and indirect marketing.
  3. Use your aligned services to give targeted offerings to existing Government customers.

With so many suppliers and services if you sit waiting for new opportunities to find you from being on the framework alone, you are likely to be disappointed so a proactive approach to promote your cloud capabilities is required. However, promoting the benefits of being on the G-Cloud 11 procurement framework should support the messaging of your proactive engagement approach. 


G-Cloud 11 delivers many purchasing benefits for buyers.

For UK public-sector organisation buyers, G-Cloud 11 has a number of advantages:

  • It provides a quick and easy way to compare similar service offerings and pricing.
  • The available pre-engagement information is up to date (less than a year old typically).
  • The pricing, framework agreements and terms and conditions are visible to make initial searches and supplier selection easier.
  • There is no need for OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) submissions or lengthy ITT's (Invitation To Tender) and RFP's (Request For Proposals) as all suppliers on the G-Cloud framework are approved government suppliers.
  • Contract lengths are limited so what you are buying are ready-to-go off-the-shelf, pay as you go solutions.

The benefits as promoted by directly by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) can be viewed here.


With G-Cloud 11 APPtechnology expands its listed Windows 10 transformation services

For APPtechnology, G-Cloud 11 means an expansion of our Windows 10 Transformation services, assisting organisations with:

  • Application Packaging and Windows operating systems migration activity
  • SCCM upgrades
  • Project Management
  • Migration Intelligence Services

In total APPtechnology has 19 different services on G-Cloud 11, covering the following areas:

  • User Migration Readiness
  • SCCM Hybrid and Azure upgrades and implementations
  • MSIX, AppV, MSI, Cloudhouse, Droplet and Citrix Application Packaging
  • Intune and Autopilot implementations
  • Office 365 License Optimisation
  • Legacy Application Management
  • Java Management and License savings
  • Application Discovery Services

The full list of APPtechnology G-Cloud 11 services can be view on the actual framework here.

 apptechnology cloud11


About APPtechnology in the Public Sector.

We are the Windows 10 partner of choice for the largest government department with just under 100,000 seats, delivering Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services starting with business analysis, through technical discovery and onto onsite and offsite application packaging.

We will look to leverage G-Cloud 11 to expand our services into other smaller government and NHS departments, with account size not really being a factor.  Our non-government accounts run from 1,500 to 60,000 seats, and our transformation services apply to all organisations that have an enterprise approach to transformations. If we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


* Data from Crown Commercial Service Customer Guide RM1557.11.