GDPR Gets Fishy, Know Your Staff

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation due to come into force on 25 May 2018, at which time businesses and organisations’ responsibilities for the handling and processing of personal data will change.

This includes Employee data management

Under GDPR, all business leaders will have to ensure they:

• Request consent for data and clearly detail how the data will be used
• Offer individuals the right to access their data
• Offer individuals the right to be forgotten – to withdraw their consent and prevent further dissemination of their data
• Notify those concerned of any security breaches

Up-to-date profile information is critical

Profile information is used on a daily basis to make all sorts of business critical decisions which can have impact from a legal, regulatory, or even GDPR perspective. When employees have been with the company for a few years, often the profile information that was added for them when they first on-boarded is totally out-of-date.

As a Hyperfish European Partner, we’ve collected lots of stories around why this profile information becomes out-of-date. Here are a few of the most common ones:

• Mobile phone or work phone number has changed, the current value is valid from a formatting perspective, but if dialled would not work or be the wrong person.
• The employee’s last name changes due to getting married, they are introduced in meetings with their married name, and employees can’t find them as their maiden name is in their profile.
• They have been promoted and their job title has changed, but their profile has their original job title that is valid, but out-of-date.
•Their office location is their original office, last month they were relocated to another floor.

Hyper Fish could be the answer and it does so much more including:

Reduce Risk

• Make business decisions using accurate employee data
• Prevent embarrassing mistakes 
• Ensure phone numbers work 
• Reduce the risk of emailing the wrong person 
• Ensure collaborated content is shared with the right people
• Ensure there are no inappropriate profile photos

Improve IT Service Delivery

• Improved user experience for Sharepoint, Teams etc
• Improve efficiency 
• Be more responsiveness 
• Deliver greater business value 
• Ensure quality 
• Provide the foundation for new project, know your IT estate

Unlock the value of your technology investment

•Fully Utilize the capabilities of O2016, Sharepoint, Team, Delve etc 
•Increase adoption 
•Increase ROI 
•Lay the foundation for key technologies & initiatives

Improve Employee Engagement

•Make it easier for users to find and learn about each other. 
•Improve productivity 
•Improve employee satisfaction 
•Make it faster and easier to on-board new people. 
•Help teams work better together

This cost effective solution has proved its value time and time again

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Man hours saved using Hyperfish

Talk to us to find out just how APPtechnology with Hyperfish could work for your organisation, as a UK channel distributor APPtechnology provides.
• Same time zone first line support
• Full implementation
• On-going support

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