No need to be bitten by 8bit and 16 bit applications

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As technology continues to develop, it is true that some older programs become casualties of innovation. This often leaves organisations with important decisions to be made as older applications may not be compatible with the latest operating platforms such as Windows 10.

So, what do you do, you can’t standstill and not embrace Windows 10, Microsoft have made it perfectly clear that this is the future and through the evergreen programme this platform is here to say for the foreseeable future. Besides why would you not want to embrace the latest technology, the latest security, its faster and as new hardware becomes available compatibility will be an ongoing issue unless you have embraced the change.

So, for many the answer is to keep an outdated computer on the premises for the sole reason of being able to access and use this vital but old application. This is simply not a great place to be, if there is requirement for multiple users then you need to keep multiple old technology, for which support, and parts are becoming harder and harder to come by. This provides a weak link in the IT infrastructure’s security and could make the organisation vulnerable to malicious activity.

So, what’s the answer, well you could rebuild the programme in today’s coding, however for many this is not a realistic option with expertise or costs being restrictive. With AppTechnology Legacy products we can take your business critical applications, no matter what age, no matter what code, 8 bit or 16 bit and make them integrate seamlessly with your latest Windows 10 operating platform, they can be made to work across all of today’s modern devices.

We have implemented legacy solutions for our clients including, B&Q, Lloyd’s Register, Newcastle University and many others.

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