SCCM 1802 – Great while it lasted!

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SCCM 1802 – Great while it lasted!

Microsoft SCCM infrastructure last upgraded before June 2018 is no longer supported.

Microsoft has been on the ball with delivering version updates for System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) for the last four years. There has been a raft of new functionality, and of course version alignment with the Windows 10 build releases.

Since the release of configuration manager version 1511, there have been 12 version updates, landing pretty much every March, July and November since the release cycle was announced.

This rate of change is impressive, but of course, carries support implications, and Microsoft can only realistically support a certain number of versions at one time. Running a ruler through any chart showing Configuration Manager version and servicing support cycles shows that a maximum of five releases will be anywhere between Security and Critical updates cover or just Security updates only.

To an Enterprise, this really means that if the last SCCM upgrade work you undertook was before June 2018, just 15 months ago, then your SCCM infrastructure is now not supported.

Further implications are that you cannot deploy Windows 10 builds after the 1803 release, and end of service for that Windows 10 build is either November 2019 (for versions up to Pro), or November 2020 for Enterprise versions.

We recommend a scheduled base level of activity to keep your SCCM infrastructure and your Windows 10 build cadence in line.  In effect there is a higher than average BAU workload required, typically on a six to nine month rotation, to ensure that you don’t drop off Windows 10 release or SCCM support cycles.

If you are struggling with the rate of change required to keep your SCCM infrastructure or your Windows 10 Build releases up to date, then talk to us about our Evergreen Services. Designed to cover your infrastructure, applications and Windows 10 build workloads, we can assist your internal teams, augment capacity, automate release cycles, communicate with your users and remotely support you to deliver your Evergreen Enterprise.

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