We are 10 years old!

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APPtechnology is 10 years old! We're really proud of this first milestone will be celebrating our first 10 years in business throughout 2022.

As we reminisced with a glass of bubbles, we thought we’d share some memories of the journey.


Thank You, Lloyds

Martin and I started APPtechnology because we were two blokes, racing towards our 40s who realised that if we didn't carpe the diem, we probably never would.  So we took a very brave leap off the very tall cliff and had to learn how to build a parachute before we hit the bottom!

Our initial offerings were around application packaging, discovery and service delivery.  Our first client was Lloyds with just an initial 10 day engagement.  We managed to turn this into a full Windows 7 migration with a large team onsite.

The Foundations

Early challenges as the client portfolio grew included trading with not much trading history, albeit years of experience, managing cashflow and finding great employees.  We worked through these by not being greedy, keeping every penny in the company to manage expansion and being very picky with talent acquisition.  Martin and I also spent many months on site away from home and family but always appreciated ‘needs must’ and also used this to build out long term relationships with clients.

We partnered with software and other consultancies who were of a similar mindset to APPtechnology and wanted to focus on a successful project to keep a long term relationship vs a short term ‘quick buck.’  We still retain those partnerships today and build on them to deliver outstanding projects.

Fresh-faced David R Mays (Left) and Martin Sweeney at the start of APPtechnology's 10 year journey

Fresh-faced David R Mays (Left) and Martin Sweeney at the start of APPtechnology's 10 year journey

Covid Response

We’ve faced many battles along the way, the biggest perhaps being Covid.

Like many companies, our clients went into a period of change freeze and we saw an almost instant halt to work in progress.   Whereas our competitors saw this as an opportunity to impose penalty clauses, we took the moral call to work together and form a roadmap.  To this end we reworked work in progress and managed to lift and shift thousands of call centre staff to work from home in a matter of days!  We also picked up our on-site consultants to work remotely without service interruption for our clients.

The Next 10

Our challenge now is to get back out and press the flesh with our clients. It’s been a long time and we’ve missed you. Covid-safe meetings are happening again for us and we’re enjoying seeing where our clients are heading and their challenges ahead.

So today our mission remains the same ‘to improve end user experience by removing application complexity’  The world of packaging has moved on a lot in 10 years, new tech is ever evolving and automation is improving. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies, Legal, Military, Our National Health Service and Charities.  I’m personally very proud and humbled to watch the adverts here in the UK and call out to my daughter ‘that’s one of our clients.’  We manage over 250,000 devices, employ over 50 people, deliver our solutions across the UK, Europe and the Americas.  Most of all I’m proud that many of our earliest clients are still with us today, that’s no fluke.  We’ve come a long way!

So where to next? We need to continue to bring the next generation through our company to refresh our ideas and vision and stop us becoming grumpy old men. I’m proud of our recruitment team for finding and nurturing some incredible talent and watching them become the superstars of tomorrow. We’re always looking to partner with the best software, add our solutions around and deliver meaningful outcomes.

Here's to the next 10 years…….let’s see what we’ll do with them!


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