Intune and Autopilot Rollout

Intune and Autopilot Rollout case study v4
Intune and Autopilot Rollout

APPtechnology was approached by one of our existing clients asking for assistance setting up Microsoft Intune and Autopilot to replace their existing System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) build and management processes.

The project required us to ensure that all content, security and policies that were previously being deployed via SCCM and Group Policy Objects (GPO) were assessed for deployment onto the new platform. This was achieved through the delivery of several workshops to assess what needed to be ported onto the new platform, and whether there was native functionality in place to support it.

Once we had established the MoSCoW requirements we were then able to work on porting over GPO’s, applications and security settings into the Intune. We then setup Autopilot to delivery a clean out of the box (OOB) experience for the business users.

The project proved so successful that we were then asked to extend the capabilities so that the business could also leverage the benefits of Windows 365 as another alternative for provisioning desktops to their end users.

As well as supporting the infrastructure requirements for delivery, one of the main goals of the project was to ensure knowledge transfer and training for the global and regional IT teams supporting this initiative. This was delivered through several workshops as well as through the provision of extensive documentation and end users guides.

With close collaboration, the project was successfully delivered on time and within budget, and we are proud to have been part of this journey in delivering a new way of working for another multinational consultancy.