UK Motoring Organisation

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UK Motoring Organisation

Established for over 100 years, with circa 7,000 employees, this Customer faced a budget restricted OS migration and application standardisation challenge across seven UK, European and Indian support sites.  Additionally, a 3,000 strong mobile workforce had to be upgraded, improving on older inhouse developed systems management techniques, and hampered by being “off network” with 3G connectivity only.

At the same time as migrating to Windows 10, the customer has also pursued “Cloud First” deployment methods, looking to move away from Hybrid co-management to Intune driven MEM delivery by default.

Legacy in house applications, with the original developers long since retired, had to be reviewed, uplifted and standardised, allowing for a solid development baseline, and reducing the size of application updates to delta’s only.

APPtechnology provided a range of consultancy, services and software covering application rationalisation, project management, application discovery, offsite packaging and software redevelopment.

During the first wave of Covid, the customer needed a national engineering team to rapidly change a significant number of office based workers into Home workers.  APPtechnology supplied a short lead-time, flexible engineering team to cover this redeployment of 5,000 employees from five National office sites to enable homeworking.  This work was completed in a three-week period, with our Engineering team being redeployed as needed to different sites based on daily forecast demand.