Onsite services to remote delivery

W10 onsite services to remote delivery hero
W10 onsite services to remote delivery

Having started an application migration project for an NHS Trust, we had mobilised services onsite delivering discovery and packaging of applications for a Windows 10 transformation against tight timescales.

The NHS site became the Covid treatment center for the region, and space and onsite working became a challenge due to the influx of patients.

Without impacting discovery and packaging throughputs, APPtechnology worked with multiple key stakeholders to transition our services to remote working, delivering remote discovery, user interviews, full documentation and packaging.  Discovered and packaged 500 applications within 4 months, with throughput actually increasing after transitioning to remote services.

Day 1

Remote project meeting, Workshop service changes, Align new deliverables, Change approval

Day 2

Hardware configuration for remote access, Refined workflows, Aligned remote application packaging

Day 3

Remote discovery service start, Remote application packaging start