Legacy Application Services


Finding a 16-bit application or legacy 32-bit application that is still core to your business can become a blocker for a Windows 10 migration.

Windows 10 compatibility can be particularly challenging for enterprises migrating onto 64-bit Windows 10 leveraging all of the new security capabilities.

In past migrations where Windows compatibility has flagged up ‘red applications’ without a simple upgrade path or fix, the only solution was to leave physical or virtual machines running an old version of Windows in the estate, and accept the security vulnerabilities and support overheads.

With Legacy by APPtechnology we can run end-of-life software and 16 bit on Windows 10, and get you migration back on track. come at a high cost.

To date we have never not been able to find a solution never mind how old the business application is or the technical requirements, share your business application challenge with us and we are ready to pick up the gauntlet.

 Legacy by APPtechnology